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Preserve and Boost your Capital through

Passive Real Estate Investments


Investments for a Better Life

You want to be the most responsible provider for your family.

To do that, you need to safeguard and grow your wealth for your family's financial future peace of mind: enjoy a quality life, spend memorable vacations, provide your children top education, and plan a comfortable retirement.

The problem is it takes knowledge to identify good investments and time to research and manage them. You can feel overwhelmed having to make time for your family and provide them with a secured financial future. 

Create the Life You Deserve to Live

We believe everyone deserves to spend time with their family while building a bright financial future.

We understand that, for a busy professional like you, time is limited, and investing requires expertise which is why we offer passive real estate investments to preserve and boost your capital.

Ready to start you Journey?

If you’re ready to leverage real estate to create more stability and passive income for your family, we’re here to help!


Start by joining the Boost Capital Group Investor Club today.

How it Works for an Investor

Start by joining the Boost Capital Group Investor Club. It's free, there is no pressure and no commitment to invest!

Step 1 - Join

We’ll take some time to learn more about you and your goals, share valuable resources, and help you draft an investment plan.

Step 2 - Learn

We’ll help you invest passively in multifamily real estate syndications (group investments).

Step 3 - Invest

With every investment, you’re building preserving and .

Step 4 - Enjoy

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Over the years I have made some successful investments in real estate with Boost Capital Group; I have had much safer and beneficial returns than what I had with my diversified 401(k) 

Arnaud B.


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From underwriting to raising capital, Philippe guided me through every step and, thanks to his expertise, I stayed focused on what matters. With Philippe as a mentor, I closed my first multifamily acquisition with confidence.

Josh Cooper

Founder of Kirk Capital Group

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Thanks Philippe I appreciate all that you continue to do on asset management... you attention to detail and follow up is noticeable.

Michael Blank - Founder of, Podcaster and Published Author

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Real Estate Investments Simplified


  • you leverage our network and expertise, we do all the hard work,

  • you get all the benefits of real estate investing without spending hours researching and studying. 

  • you can spend time with your family and on what matters to you.

We have helped families like yours invest passively in properties representing thousands of units with average returns greater than 20% per year.









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