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5 Ways to Boost Your Capital

Beyond Your Retirement Account


Achieve more for your family's financial future

Your time is valuable and we know it, so we put together this concise e-guide.


Whether you are looking to supplement your income, build your family financial legacy, or preparing for retirement, there are numerous options available to you.

Employer retirement plans are a great place to start especially if your employer matches your contributions, but did you know that employer contributions can be subject to a vested schedule? Did you know that retirement plans typically offer limited number of pre-selected funds, and did you know the funds available may be subject to management fees thus limiting your returns? 

Identifying options and alternatives is an important part of establishing financial goals that can boost your confidence and provide the fundamentals needed to achieve the larger goals that take the most time.

What is inside?

Condensed 2-page description of the investment with a pros & cons summary

Returns and volatility (risk) study

Comprehensive synthesis

5 investments

We explore top 5 investments beyond your retirement account: brokerage account, cryptocurrencies, REITs, single family rentals and multifamily syndications

Top Considerations

We reveal Skills required to invest and manage the investments, the Time commitment necessary, the Safety of the investment's market and Tax benefits


We compiled 10 years of market data to analyze returns and volatility

Powerful investments

5 easy ways to invest beyond your retirement account analyzed.

Complexity demystified

​Gauge skill requirement and time commitment.

Exposure guidance

Investment risk (volatility) and market safety.

Boost Capital Group has put together a very insightful and concise guide! 

John R.

Arlington, VA

It's a great guide to get started investing.

It is not sales like.

Ainsilie H.

King George, VA

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