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Boost Wealth Fund:

With the BOOST WEALTH FUND, we help you build wealth through low-risk, high-growth real estate investments in strong markets throughout the U.S.

We personally vet every multifamily investment we open up to our investors, to ensure they’re the best fit for you and your investing goals.

Watch this short video to learn more.

Why limit yourself, when you can customize.


Introducing the Boost Wealth Fund: C-PREF℠ - (Customizable Private Real Estate Fund) - the next generation of customized investing within a fund that allows you to choose which deals are right for you while simplifying and consolidating all your real estate investing in one place.

 1. Select 

Analyze available deals and choose

2. Invest

Decide how much to invest

3. Diversify

Diversify your portfolio

4. Grow

Grow your portfolio 

within the fund

Create your own custom portfolio within the fund - through deal selection – increasing your potential for growth and diversification.

How it Works

Ready to start your Journey?

​If you’re ready to leverage real estate to create more stability and passive income for your family, we’re here to help!


Start by joining the Boost Capital Group Investor Club today - It’s Free to Join!

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