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Philippe Schulligen

Philippe is co-founder of Boost Capital Group, a firm dedicated to help family providers who want to preserve and boost their capital through passive real estate investments.  He has helped busy professionals and parents to invest passively in more than 20 properties totaling 4,000+ apartments, a $500M portfolio.

In the roles of General Partner and Key Principal, he has first-hand experience in commercial multifamily real estate acquisitions, syndications, assets management, and dispositions.

Philippe is manager of the Boost Wealth Fund, C-PREF℠ (Customizable Private Real Estate Fund), the next generation of customized investing within a fund that allows you to choose which deals are right for you while simplifying and consolidating all your real estate investing in one place.

Philippe is founder and co-host of the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate Network Meetup, a monthly in-person event, and Real Estate Accredited, a weekly virtual educational meetup, 

Philippe also shares his multifamily experience with new entrepreneurs as a mentor in a mentoring program, and with passive investors and operators as an advisor.

Prior to being in real estate, Philippe worked a corporate job in the business and military aircraft industry in project and team management positions for over 20 years. He holds a master’s degree in science – mechanical engineering.

Philippe's diverse experience in the aviation industry, coupled with his mechanical engineering background, translates into a powerful skill set for real estate investing. His expertise in project and risk management, honed through managing complex projects and budgets, directly contributes to efficient real estate development. His technical expertise and innovative problem-solving skills offer valuable insights into property evaluation and optimization. Furthermore, his proficiency in system optimization and due diligence ensures thorough property evaluations, fostering sustainable and efficient real estate investments.

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- Top row: I have been a speaker on panels at RE conferences
- bottom right, picture of the commercial RE meetup that I host in Atlanta
- finally, the pictures I am the most proud of: bottom left new entrepreneurs receiving an award for closing on their first deal, 2 of them are my mentoring students.
- and a shoutout from Chad, one of my students, on Linked In.

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