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Introducing the Boost Wealth Fund: C-PREF℠

 Boost Wealth Fund: C-PREF

When it comes to investing, we do our best to learn the processes, review all the investment documents, and analyze the market, the deal, the sponsor, management, the lender, etc., to the point that it almost becomes a second job. Nevertheless, we continue to invest, grow our family's wealth, and plan for retirement; all while looking for opportunities that meet our investment criteria.

Do you find yourself having to choose between investment opportunities? How about having to choose between a fund or syndication? This is why knowing your options is important.

Why Limit Yourself,

When You Can Customize.

Introducing the Boost Wealth Fund: C-PREF℠ - (Customizable Private Real Estate Fund) - the next generation of customized investing within a fund that allows you to choose which deals are right for you while simplifying and consolidating all of your real estate investing in one place.

With the BOOST WEALTH FUND, we help you build wealth through low-risk, high-growth real estate investments in strong markets throughout the U.S. We personally vet every investment we open up to our investors, to ensure they’re the best fit for you and your investing goals.

How It Works

Create your own custom portfolio within the fund - through deal selection – increasing your potential for growth and diversification.

Boost Wealth Fund

Benefits Overview

One Stop Shop

One portal, one Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) and subscription agreement, one investor portal, and one Schedule K-1 tax document to keep track of.


Equity is spread across the collection of assets through the deal selection.

Deal Selection

You choose which deal in the fund you want to invest in, based on your criteria.

Tax Benefits

Investors benefit from pass-through depreciation. (Consult with your CPA or Tax Professional)

Portfolio Growth

Invest capital towards new deals added into the fund, in turn growing your portfolio within the fund.

Fund Oversight

Oversight from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).


Investors receive returns before managers.

Ready to Start Your Journey?

Discover the power of the Boost C-PREF℠ by joining the Boost Capital Group Investor Club today - It’s Free to Join!

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